5 Things to Know About Garage Door Opener Installation

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The garage door opener is the only component of your garage that goes under great deterioration over years of use. It is smart to invest in an annual inspection of your overhead garage door opener or hire a garage door opener repair service for the necessary fixings.

Cannot figure out what to assess and what to leave during a garage door installation in Roseville especially the opener. Here are the top five things every homeowner should know regarding a garage door opener.

1- Every component that comes with the garage door opener should be in a functional state and securely attached with screws. All components should be well-lubricated and well-balanced in their position. Assess the working of the springs, pulleys, cables, and brackets.

However, do not attempt any adjustments or installation of items such as springs, screws, or pulleys on your own if you have no proper experience. Hire a professional to do all these tasks for you.

2- When it comes to the attachment of cables and springs, take a look at the one that is in use. You will find either of the two types of garage door springs:

  • the single torsion spring overhead,
  • the extension springs on both sides of the door on top of the track,

The first type does not create any sounds when the garage door is opened or closed because of the presence of the container cable in the middle. The latter type, however, is relatively simple to secure and install and in fact, does not even need a lot of space.

3- In case, you are considering replacing your garage door that is wooden, try opting for a type that is made of steel since it is light in weight. With a steel garage door, the weight of the entire door reduces by half and does not even put a lot of weight on the opener’s springs.

Talk to your garage door expert including the price, the overall cost, insulation options, tensions in the springs, ventilation, etc. In case, you do not like the appearance of steel, you can even go or embossed steel that gives the appearance of the wood. Make your decision after viewing all the available options in the market.

4- Beware of the potential accidents that can happen with garage doors such as injury of hands during its operation. Make sure you go for pinch-proof panels on the garage door when the garage door is installed.

5- While you are replacing your garage door, replace its opener as well. The new garage doors operate with an auto-reverse and other advanced features for protection that may not be compatible with an old garage door. Hence, it is smart to replace the opener along with the garage door.

A garage door is something that a homeowner uses for years or even decades. It is not a cheap investment. Hence, you must select the garage door type with great deliberation and after a lot of research.

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