Differences Between Commercial & Residential Garage Doors

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Garage doors have the same purpose to let the vehicle in or out. But what makes a difference is where this garage door is installed. If we are going to plant our door in a commercial set up it will have a different design, purpose, and other dimensions. A residential garage door has limited use, so it is designed accordingly. We use our home garage door not more than thrice in routine. It is placed in a relatively small garage area. Limited people have access to it. So its security system is designed accordingly. This door has a width of 8 to 16 feet and a height of 6.5 and 8 feet for residential use. 

A commercial garage door has different applications and purposes. They are designed according to the requirements of a business or company. This door has wider uses. The security system of this door would be the top priority as it has hundreds of cars in it. An electronic garage door is preferable for this purpose. It will be used often in a day so it should be durable as well. Its width and height vary according to the nature of traffic it is going to contain.

Residential vs Commercial  Garage Doors

There are some major differences between commercial and residential garage doors have:

Size of the Garage Door:

The main difference in both garage doors is their size. The commercial garage doors have to admit heavy and larger vehicles whereas the residential doors are designed up to 7 feet. Residential garages are used to accommodate 2-3 vehicles. Their sizes are not varied day by day. A residential garage door is according to the area of the garage. But in the case of commercial doors, their size depends on the nature of the business. If the business is small and it has to accommodate 15-20 vehicles the size would be more than 8 feet but if it’s a large business it has to admit large trucks and loaded tempos. It will have a giant size garage door. So commercial garage doors have different measurements according to the nature of business.

The employees should be careful while using those doors as they can cause serious injuries. Companies should consider a professional garage doors company in Lincoln or any local company near them to maintain the working of those doors. 

The Material Used in Garage Doors: 

The residential garage door is made up of materials that are most suitable to the building’s design, durable, and fit within the budget. They are not used for heavy traffic so their designs and colors are moderate and according to the taste of the family. Residential garage doors are made up of wood, steel, and fiberglass, etc. In the case of commercial garage door durability and functionality is the priority over its design. These doors are made up of aluminum and steel mixture. These doors are difficult to open if the automatic lifter breaks. Durability is the main focus of this door because this door is used several times a day. The added durability also adds up to the security of this door. A commercial garage door should be more secure as it contains expensive products. 

Difference of Cost:

The size and material difference have given you the idea of the difference in cost of both doors. The residential door can be customized according to budget but the residential door’s security can not be compromised. The huge size and material used in the commercial garage door increase its cost. Any business owner can not compromise the security and durability to save his money. 

The Appearance of Garage Door: 

The appearance of the residential door is aligned with the design and colors of the building. Along with durability and safety, the beauty of the door matters. Residential garage door installation takes months to decide its design and appearance. But the case of the commercial door is different. They place the door more as a utility not for the purpose to enhance its looks. Commercial doors are strong and thick in appearance. Despite all these facts, they are attractive and classy. Many doors are made based on featured commercial looks. 

Electric Door Power:

The residential electric door needs less power as its size and weight are relatively small. The residential garage door needs almost 115-volt power. While in the case of commercial doors the power of the electric door is connected with the single or three-phase multi-volt system. Many companies offer commercial garage door repair services in Auburn and their targeted areas to maintain the door system and supply. 

Lift Type of Doors:

The residential garage door uses a standard lift type system because it has to perform once in a while daily while the commercial garage door uses a high lift system or full vertical lift type because it has to work more often. 


There is a huge difference in hardware when we talk about residential and commercial garage doors. The big-sized door needs strong hardware to hold it while the door with the smaller size needs standard hardware. They both have rollers and tracks of different sizes. There is a difference in spring sizes as well. The thickness of the steel roller varies with the size of the garage door.   


Commercial garage doors are heavy-duty doors, and durable also. They need little maintenance. While residential doors are less durable and made up for fashion purposes so have problems often. To repair and maintain the garage doors they always chose licensed companies.  A commercial garage door needs quick repair so the companies should have a contract with garage door repair companies.

We compare the differences of both in different aspects and conclude that residential garage doors are like domestic items of a house. It doesn’t need any special consideration for its installation while on the other hand commercial garage doors have to perform tough tasks and face traffic more often. So it needs special considerations like it needs strong hardware, heavy power supply, and hard material. The commercial garage doors also need professionals who can handle its system with their experts. Any problem in working on this door can cause serious consequences.

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