Garage Door Makeover Ideas to Add Home’s Curb Appeal

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Our prime focus is always making our interior good but we usually forget the exterior, especially the makeover of the garage door that tremendously affects the home’s curb appeal. We forget that our first impression is the one which can attract people to praise our taste. Suppose you have a beautiful garden in front of your house, a pool, and other precious stones to enhance the looks of your home and a poor garage door. Does it make sense? Obviously, No! A garage door repair company in Rocklin offers a complete makeover with its technicians that are related to repairing and installation services.

Here we have a list of garage door makeover ideas that can help you to improve the curb appeal of your house.!

List of Garage Door Makeover Ideas

Repaint Your Door

Painting is a very easy and cheap way to renew the beauty of your garage door. A new quote of the same color will give it a fresh look. You can add simple colors and creative patterns to make it more attractive and synchronize it with the existing color scheme. We have different materials-based paint colors like shimmer and other textured that can enhance the stylish design of the door. You can use them. White color is most popular with owners for the garage door. Black is also a good combination with the white house. Acrylic latex paints are a good choice if you want durable paint on your door. Before applying any paint you should brush a primer first and use tape to restrain the mixing of colors if you are using more than two colors. It will also help to increase the lifespan of a garage door.

Stain Paint:

You can use stain paint also they will give your door a wood-type finish. This staining paint lasts for years. You need a little experience to do it artfully. Try to seek help from an expert. 

Adding Windows:

Be creative while painting your windows. You can add spice to your door by adding black oil color to draw windows. No worry the outlook will have to take a deep look to know that the windows are the only illusion. In the meantime, you can add window frames to make your illusion a real one for viewers. 

Adding Faux Hardware for Decoration:

This is trending material to decorate your garage door. you can order these faux online. They will come with magnetic bands and rods to have a strong grip on your door. You can change the entire look of your garage door by simple and easy means. These materials are easy to remove as well.

Overlaying Garage Door:

This is the easiest way to give your garage door a classic look. You can overlay your door with any material. You can also use sand faux to add a layer to change the entire look of your door. You should keep one thing in your mind that the material you are going to use is compatible with the door structure.


When you have a door that is an old one and damaged. Instead of renewing it, it’s better to replace it. It may sound costly but trust me it will save you in the long run. You may have to put an extra penny now and then to maintain it but having a new door is a budget-friendly solution. 

Add Flower Basket:

If you want to enhance the looks of your house you should consider the garage doors also. Add some flower baskets on the upper side of the door or you can adjust their position according to the symmetry of other flowers. You can also find more make-over ideas from garage door blogs.

Bring Your Inner Picasso Out:

If you have a hidden artist in you that used to paint on canvas. Your mind is full of bold ideas. Then you have a great opportunity in the form of a garage door to display some bold artwork on your home canvas. Paint your door with landscape ideas or with abstract art. Trust me you will rock it.

Go With a Pro:

If your door needs a lot of repairs and no DIY works then it’s better to replace it. But to have a new door you should hire a professional garage door company like Sac Valley Garage Doors which can help you to install the door according to the interior of your house. You can share your ideas and ask him to bring with you some creative ones. You can pick many styles like carriage type. For example, Oval, square, and rectangle depend on the shape and design of your house. 

I would say that the garage door is the component you need to have an appealing home’s curb. This is also a fact that while making its exterior beautiful you should consider the technical part as well. Because it’s useless to have a beautiful door that doesn’t work well. If your door has some technical faults then you should repair them first and then go for a makeover with the help of aesthetic materials you can work with easily. 

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