How To Fix Garage Door Off Track (Step-Wise)

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Keeping the worry aside that comes with a damaged garage door off track, there are also chances of property damage a personal injury as well. We would strictly not recommend you to force a jammed door down all the time because doing so would not only bend the vertical tracks but also pop out the rollers which can bring in serious damage which you won’t be able to handle with a DIY effort.

However, as our focus today is related to how to fix garage door off track, we are going to give you some DIY tips that you have to take care of to make sure that the DIY attempt is a success and just when you have pliers, rubber mallet and locking pliers ready, let’s get to the business.

1.  Disconnect The Opener

To start things off, you should always first see the overhead for a rope that basically connects the opener to the door. You should pull the rope take to make the door free of the opener. Once you are done doing that, this will make you operate the door manually now.

2.  Open The Door

Once you know that the door is completely independent of the opener, it’s time to lift the door manually. Normally the garage doors are very heavy and if you miss them, the door can also slam down while damaging a part of your body as well. So, it is about time that you realize that an extra person to help you in the process would serve up as extra security for you as well if you want to do garage door off-track repair on your own.

3.  See Where The Jamming Wheels Are

The next step revolves around knowing where the wheels of the garage door get off track. If you are not being able to see the spot clearly then you should close the door and open it again to locate the jamming wheels. It is also important to know here that locating the jamming wheels is one of the toughest tasks in the whole process and you might be also requiring technical support as result.

4.  Get Wheels Back on Track

You should then use lock pliers to make sure that the tracks are well secured and then after positioning the wheels on it, knock the track with a rubber mallet.

5.  Test The Door

As soon as you are done with the whole process, make sure that the door is operating the way it should, manually and automatically as well.

In case, if you are not able to fix the off-track with the steps mentioned above, then it’s about time that you call any overhead garage door repair company right away for help.

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