How To Reset Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

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If you own a house that you just purchased recently or if you have rented a new place, it might have the latest system installed like the Liftmaster Garage door opener. The new owner must change the password or reset the system to open the Liftmaster garage door. This should be done to ensure that only you know the door password and no one else can enter your place without permission.

Table of Contents

  • The Learn Button
  • Testing Session
  • Conclusion

If you are new to these types of doors and don’t know about its systems, then read this content further as it will reveal the process of resetting the garage door opener efficiently 

Reset Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

The Learn Button

If you are wondering how to reset the Liftmaster garage door opener, you should learn to use the ‘Learn’ button. How Do I Reset My Liftmaster Garage Door Opener? goes around the usage of the ‘Learn’ button. So, the foremost step you require to take is to press the learn button on the opener’s motor unit. Then, you must release it. The button’s light for indicating would blink continuously for approximately thirty seconds. 

Within those 30 seconds, grab the Liftmaster garage door opener remote control you desire to use with the motor unit. Then, you should press the learn button and hold it for a few seconds. After doing so, wait for the light in the motor unit to blink frequently. If there is no light you will hear a beeping voice, twice. 

Testing Session

To check if the garage door opener is working well or not. You must test the remote control and motor unit. You should try to open the Liftmaster garage door with the help of the remote you chose earlier. If everything goes fine, you have successfully reset the garage door. 

Besides, if the garage door is not operating properly, you will have to repeat the previous process unless it starts working. However, if the garage door you own is a bit complicated you should immediately seek a reputable company or service. The experts like Sac Valley Garage Doors would inspect the installation process and then reset the door opener efficiently. 

Nonetheless, the buttons on the motor unit and remote control are pretty small. So, you cannot press it with your fingers. That’s why it is better to use some pin’s tip or a pen’s tip. Moreover, you can also reset Liftmaster smart garage door opener’s settings with the help of a smartphone. All you need to connect the door setting with the phone is by accessing the ‘myQ’ app. 


Coming to an end, resetting the Liftmaster garage door opener can be quite tricky and time taking. Additionally, testing also consumes time. Therefore, it is better to hire a reputable service or company rather than doing it yourself. 

Besides, if you want to do it on your own, you need to acquire information about it first of all. Or else, without skills and knowledge you can mess up the settings and programs. When you are done with the resetting and still it does not work. Then, the garage door opener is most probably broken and new fixing.

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